Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sunday, September 6, 2009

No photos, oh man! :/
Cheers for the holiday! ^^ But it's just only 1 week. Bi went Kualong yesterday, I miss you :( But he's gonna be back by today :D Gonna make use of the holiday to revise my works, as well as accompanying baby <3

Saturday, August 29, 2009

 Smile when you're sad, Laugh when you're down..

 Unexpected periods are over, new period for now! Xoxo ^^
It'd been long ever since I enjoyed myself. :) I'm feeling high now, :O?
Friend's b'day party; Last venue Mart. I smiled, i laughed, i miss the days with them.
Anw, new email add. yours--@live.com :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

The feelings of being left behind is unbearable.

 Gave school a miss today. Swollen eyes, feeling very tired.
Somehow i managed to slim down now. But after a KFC meal yesterday, all my efforts gone wasted! :(
What am I supposed to do now? ...
No appetite :[

Passed by classmate's blog & Honey's friendster, saw some overdue school photos. Decided to upload them since I've nth to do. Hm...

 Took during my pretty boy hairstyle :D
 I looked like an stupid idiot :O
Do I looked handsome in my pretty-boy hair? :P
No longer pretty boy hairstyle :-)

She's my Honey ^^
Tq for the Joys & Laughters you guys had gave me during school time.

P/s: I miss you baby.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hm, finally i'm able to blog properly. Thanks to a anonymous in my blog. He/she gave me a website for blogger which makes me able to upload photos and stuffs just like before. Tq :D

Life had been good for me & baby.
Let's remain like this, for i couldn't stay strong w/o you by my side. :-)
190809; Happy Seventh Monthsary.
Happy Seventh Month being together baby. I'm not gonna write anything as words can't express my feelings for you. :)

Had been spending all my times w/ my bf, and I'm enjoying it. ^^
Went dinner wif baby's family at Punggol. Had a full meal, yummy! :P Met Cheong before home-d.

Friday, August 21, 2009

- Some posts were being deleted.
- Changed layout to total plain.
- Blog had be revived! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogger seem to have screwed up :O It's getting more & more boring, hais ..

Recently, many things happened . I felt tired .
All I can do is take one step and see how things goes .

Met Alvin the Pig! He was w/ Simei co. I missed the day i went out w/ them :)

Finally recovered from my sickness, 5 days mc is finally over . Sadded.... ><

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm not gonna talk to you ><

Just finished mapling ^^
I'm mad at someone, very very angry -.-
Continue talking to your G.Darling uh . I know you enjoyed it, :) Continue then ~ (FULLSTOP!)

For your info . I'm not throwing some bloody temper around but enough is enough .
Have your limit even if you want to flirt or whatsoever, okays !?
Remembered you're a guy who have gf, know when you should stop .
That's it .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Sixth Monthsary Teo Ah Bi! ^^
Finally it's half a year, can you imagine we walked this long ??? :D
I luvs you bi :]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting baby had been a daily routine for me .
  • School-ed
  • Home-d
  • Change-d
  • Meet baby :]
All these days with you, I felt blessed ^^ And here goes, Bi ... Ni shi wo de shui ?? Hahas! :B
He's my Ahteo, my bf, my bi, my baobei, my Everything . :-)

I misses baby damn much, but I'm confused over one thing . Should i meet baby first and then off to Cousin's house ? If that's the case, around 5 plus i needa go off . :[ But i definitely missed my babyboy a loads load .
Here's a black view of my baby ^^

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gonne be just words, words and yes ... Words!!!!! :x
Up till now blogger still can't upload photos, shxt it --."
Have to upload through photobucket :|

2nd week of school days . Had been giving school a miss . Damn it, I totally doesn't have the feel to study :x Early morning found out a bxtch threw away my ez-link, Fyi. It's not my mum >< My mood went low, low, low and yes LOW!!! :S And tada .. = Skipped school ^^
Has been hardworking, especially D&t . I did all those home works :D Aiseh, hardworking siol . :P And as for Maths, I'm trying my best to absorb whatever teacher teaches us . Smart ass! :B

Just cause 'Ice Age 3' last Monday which is on the Youth day . It's kiut! :-P I rate it 3/5, as it's quite childish for our age . Hohos :#

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yuan lai ai qing, bu shi zhen xin jiu ke yi .
Wo hen xiang ni ..

Hunks! ^^ Thanks for the day out accompanying me uh even though I'm the only girl >< . And to Alvin, thanks for being there for me uh ! :]

School re-opening right tomorrow . Low ~ :d, I still didn't have enough of fun ! :[ Anyways, blogging lesser once school re-open, cause won't be going out that often, no photos, i doesn't feels like blogging :/
Gonna study real hard this time, just concentrate on studies uh ^^

I'm bored at home :d, damn Ping Pong ball kept saying 'Too bad someone gotta stay at home'
Arghs! :@ Anyways, thanks for the comfort Ping pong ball! ^^
Read back 5th Monthsary post, :) This time I won't bother you anymore, because you no longer need me .

Me & the tall man ! He's tall, I'm so short !!! :d

Town w/ Alvin, Gabriel, Jiaming, Junjie, Boyer, Jon, Weihao and Zhee ! ^^
Made Alvin waited for 2 hours just to get me prepare . Hahas :x , sorry uh, girls tense to take more times :] Pool again at Cine, I'm falling in love with pool . Gonna get some hunks together with me for pool, hohos . Halfway through Feidi & Limyi came and find us, Sir ... My pool improved okays ! ^^ Night back to Downtown, slacked around Ehub as guys gonna catch midnight movie . Sadded, I can't watch :[ Met Aaron my ping pong ball over there ! :)

This is Junjie :] He's a funny guy .

This is my Shortie :], to be honest, he ain't short . He's a freaking tall monster :x

LOOK !!!!! :O

Look at both of them ! I swear they didn't stand on anything . We three stood right onto the ground, neh neh . So tall !!!! :d

Sorry for the photos dark quality ! I'm too lazy to edit even a single pic :|

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's the pool day! ^^
Went Safra for pool w/ sister, Feidi, Nicholas & Erwin yesterday .
Ohs, I'm a noob at it :x *Thumb down* :s
Though I'm just a beginner, but I'm gonna train and become expert in it, okays ! :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slept at 6 am in the morning , woke up around 7 plus .
I had a bad dream . When I'm awake , found tears around my eyes .
It's like so real , so real till i almost forgotten I'm just dreaming . One part of the dream is Luv went missing leaving me alone behind when i need someone there the most . Woke up told Luv about it , felt like hugging him at that moment . :(

Anyways , met Alvin , Jiahao , Xiaovin and co. at T1 yesterday .
Gave Alvin a hug ! Hohos :D Long time no see , i misseszxzxz you damn fxcking lots lahs :)

The poll is at the bottom left ,
Click for extended holiday babies ! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 5th Monthsary baby!
Though we had only walked just 5 months , but we didn't expect we could walk till this long , right ? :) I'm not gonna say i hope we could last forever , cause nothing last forever . Let's just hope we could be with each other for as long as we can .
I know you do have many girls around you , your darling or whatever .... you have . Either one of them might take you away but I won't be sad . Cause things don't always go our way . If you're mine , you will be [:
Sometimes you really made me hates you know bi ! :@ I tried to walk away , but the distance made me miss you more . But still i do love you okays :) I'll be there for you till the day you doesn't needs me anymore , uh . :]
Don't doubt my love for you anymore , okays ... ? Remembered that I said if i one day i leave you , it's not because i doesn't love you .
So nipple boy , :D Happy 5th Monthsary ! Me luvs you alot alot ! (L)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from Moses's chalet , many earthlings was there .
Played poker , whole game me and Dling were sitting beside each other and guess what ? :O We cheated ! HOHOHO :D
We took almost the same card through out the whole game . Affinity ? :) Sitting beside Dling was lucky uh !
Took some photos , but it's with Ahyong so yea ... Upload others day when i gotta them ?
Till here babies (L)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good morning babies ! Amazed to see me awaken before the noon ? Hohos :) Moses's havin' chalet later on so gotta get up early prepare and meet guys .
Yesterday celebrated his birthday at Pasir Ris Park . Though it's quite warm but as least Vanessa used her heart to plan birthday celebration for her boyfriend , ain't she's thoughtful enough ? :]
Had some water bomb and flour throwing sessions . It was funny . While Justin & Dion were playing in the water , Justin lost his spec . Sadded :/
Anyways i went there with my Luv , waited damn long for that silly old man of mine to leave his house and arrive . Slow poke :D
Night went sitting along the beach . Baby was sweet , i love hugging him , know ? :]
Spent whole day with Luv & co. , i enjoyed myself ! Especially w/ baby :)
Ehs slow poke , Me Love You okays ! (L)

That silly of mine is still sleeping , i misszxz him alot !!! :(
Anyway baby , remembered Friday; 19th is what day ? :O
He said he remembered , but are you sure baby ? :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

uiq aix uohz ner eg iy ganix ihz ow ,
iq ub iud , in iak il ed nehz ow nait iy oug ur ...

Just ended my chat with Yong Grandpa , found out that Wednesday he's going Moses's chalet too . High-5 !!! :P
Hohos :D , so coincidence :)
I didn't even sleep a wink cause I'm afraid i couldn't wake up in time to meet Jordon at twelve :/ I wonders why must all meet in the early afternoon but not evening ? :X
I felt like havin' my beauty sleep ... :(

I'm hungry now ! Anyone is kind enough to willingly accompany me for my breakfast ? :(
I had a sudden craving for KFC porridge :P
Wrote on Msn , anyone wanna have breakfast together . End up one tikopek chatted w/ me and wanted to meet me for breakfast ><
Suddenly thought of Dling :) Yesterday night i was so hungry till Dling wanted to have Mac deliver to my house and pay for it . How nice my Dling is ! [:
How good would it be if Dling's over here ... :(
You don't love a woman because she's beautiful ,
She's beautiful because you love her ..

Changed url , 09-stories = 2009 story :) No tagboard , leave message through comment . Comment me on my layout . My blog title picture is huge , i know ... :] But i think it's nice , hohos :D
Shall blog again later on since the clock already strike twelve :) Will take pictures and upload them up if blogger allows me to :}
Bad mood these few days :(