Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gonne be just words, words and yes ... Words!!!!! :x
Up till now blogger still can't upload photos, shxt it --."
Have to upload through photobucket :|

2nd week of school days . Had been giving school a miss . Damn it, I totally doesn't have the feel to study :x Early morning found out a bxtch threw away my ez-link, Fyi. It's not my mum >< My mood went low, low, low and yes LOW!!! :S And tada .. = Skipped school ^^
Has been hardworking, especially D&t . I did all those home works :D Aiseh, hardworking siol . :P And as for Maths, I'm trying my best to absorb whatever teacher teaches us . Smart ass! :B

Just cause 'Ice Age 3' last Monday which is on the Youth day . It's kiut! :-P I rate it 3/5, as it's quite childish for our age . Hohos :#

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