Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hm, finally i'm able to blog properly. Thanks to a anonymous in my blog. He/she gave me a website for blogger which makes me able to upload photos and stuffs just like before. Tq :D

Life had been good for me & baby.
Let's remain like this, for i couldn't stay strong w/o you by my side. :-)
190809; Happy Seventh Monthsary.
Happy Seventh Month being together baby. I'm not gonna write anything as words can't express my feelings for you. :)

Had been spending all my times w/ my bf, and I'm enjoying it. ^^
Went dinner wif baby's family at Punggol. Had a full meal, yummy! :P Met Cheong before home-d.


  1. LOL , i know you . I stalk you <: Cheyy no laa , some old friend you once knew .

  2. What's th link for blogger?

  3. - Anonymous : You are...? o.o
    - Anonymous : Http://

  4. Long long ago de, you sure forget. EVPS -_-"

  5. - Anonymous : Lols, erm name?