Friday, August 28, 2009

The feelings of being left behind is unbearable.

 Gave school a miss today. Swollen eyes, feeling very tired.
Somehow i managed to slim down now. But after a KFC meal yesterday, all my efforts gone wasted! :(
What am I supposed to do now? ...
No appetite :[

Passed by classmate's blog & Honey's friendster, saw some overdue school photos. Decided to upload them since I've nth to do. Hm...

 Took during my pretty boy hairstyle :D
 I looked like an stupid idiot :O
Do I looked handsome in my pretty-boy hair? :P
No longer pretty boy hairstyle :-)

She's my Honey ^^
Tq for the Joys & Laughters you guys had gave me during school time.

P/s: I miss you baby.


  1. wad product you use to mantain such good complexion? pls share

  2. sister uh sister..dun too sad sad uh?:}smile smile:]

  3. - Anonymouse : Hm, I don't use any product cause I doesn't really believe in all those stuffs.
    - Serene : :)