Saturday, August 29, 2009

 Smile when you're sad, Laugh when you're down..

 Unexpected periods are over, new period for now! Xoxo ^^
It'd been long ever since I enjoyed myself. :) I'm feeling high now, :O?
Friend's b'day party; Last venue Mart. I smiled, i laughed, i miss the days with them.
Anw, new email add. :)


  1. yo lovely ! :B

    relink me yeah , currently using tumblr first. :D
    19days !

  2. - Theresa: Oh, hi lovely! ^^ You know after 19 days what's day? :O Anw, can't relink you now. As blogger quite screwed up, i can't seem to change link. So yup... But I''ll link you soon uh <3

  3. Heehee. ^^
    Yeah , I know ! :D

    Hahah , it's okay. (: